Anja Allen

Partner, Ernst and Young LLP

Rob Mischianti

Chief Evangelist, Nicus

Nan Braun

CEO, Thavron Solutions

Chris Dedera

Senior Manager, EY

Charlie Creasy

COO, Thavron Solutions

Scott Rhule

Senior Manager, EY

Ginger Allen

Senior Director, IT Business Management Office, GuideWell

Charlie McVeigh

Sr. Business Value Advisor, Nicus

Rhet Mitchell

Sr. Principal, Infosys

Lauren Fulton

Program Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Bryan Morland

Partner, ProvenFM

Mohana Opesh

Manager, EY

John Jarvis

Principal and Lead TBM Executive, Infosys

Schedule - Wednesday, June 17th

10:30am ETWelcome to Elevate ITFM/TBM 2020

Let's kick it off by learning more about what you can expect from Elevate ITFM/TBM 2020, including how to maximize your event experience and networking opportunities!

11:00am ETThe Current and Future State of ITFM/TBM Programs

ITFM & TBM programs continue to evolve as technologies change and expand. Cloud, Agile, DevOps and more all have their impacts on our practices. We’ve had to quickly pivot to address short-term cost take-out needs, yet we need to remain focused on long-term value management, and sustained cost optimization. Let’s talk about how we prepare to succeed.

Presented by Rob Mischianti, Nicus

11:30am ETTBM Organizational Influence: CIO, CFO, or neither?

The outcomes delivered by a formal TBM function are often influenced by its place in the organizational hierarchy. This session will discuss the pros and cons of multiple placement options and how to decide what's best for your organization.

Presented by John Jarvis, Infosys

11:30am ETHow to Reboot a Struggling ITFM or TBM Program

Are you getting the value you expected from your ITFM or TBM program? All too often, programs start strong but fail to meet long-term expectations. This session will be an open and honest discussion about why programs under-deliver and what can be done to fix it.

Presented by Rob Mischianti, Nicus

12:30pm ETBuilding & Managing Cost Models

This virtual roundtable will be led by Nan Braun of Thavron Solutions and will host up to 20 registrants. Grab your seat quickly, bring your lunch, and let's talk cost modeling!

12:30pm ETStaffing an ITFM/TBM Team

What are the required staff skills for an ITFM/TBM team? This roundtable will be led by Ginger Allen of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida/GuideWell and will host up to 20 registrants. Grab your seat quickly, bring your lunch, and let's discuss what it takes to build a winning IT Finance Team!

1:00pm ETFinancial Management for Cloud Technologies

As companies migrate more and more of their technology footprint to the cloud, it is paramount that IT executives have a firm understanding of how to track and budget their cloud spend. Do you know the key cost drivers of cloud that you don't see in the invoice? Join us for a discussion on how to avoid costly cloud supplier lock-in.

Presented by Mohana Opesh, EY

1:00pm ETRightsizing TBM for Your Organization

TBM is a powerful framework, but understanding it is not a one-size-fits-all but rather a one-size-fits-most is key to your success. Understanding and planning for this will allow you to set expectations, identify key internal resources, sponsorship and success factors to drive the value the business seeks. We'll discuss challenges with the execution of the TBM Framework and how to resolve.

Presented by Bryan Morland, Proven FM

2:00pm ETBeyond Cost: The Move to IT Value Management

Linking IT budgets and investments to the business’s revenue-producing products and services is the next frontier of ITFM. Today the focus is on managing the cost of IT and calculating the cost of IT-centric services. Looking forward, IT organizations will need to understand how to link IT outputs directly to the business’s revenue-producing products and services. The move to IT value management will change how the business thinks about IT, moving it from a cost center to an integral business partner. This will give the CIO and IT leaders the ability to have meaningful conversations with the business leaders on funding IT budgets and deriving the greatest value for their IT spend. This session will provide a discussion of IT value management concepts and ideas on how to implement them with in your organization.

Presented by Chris Dedera, EY

3:00pm ETRight Sizing for Resilience: How IT service value conversations empower the organization for success

Today’s changing business and social climate is putting increasing pressure on IT to do more for less. This does not mean that you have to shift and move your focus 100% to cost cutting. Learn how IT can support their organizations better through discussions that center around IT business service value.

Presented by Nan Braun, Thavron Solutions

4:00pm ETSponsor Showcase

The global spread of COVID-19 added another layer of disruption to the growing list of unexpected challenges facing chief information officers, impacting business and technology performance. The pandemic has forced everyone to react and modify the ways they work and serve customers in the near term. The winners that will emerge from this crisis are the businesses that use this time as a catalyst to embrace the new norms and accelerate the adoption of new business models. This showcase will discuss the different approaches required to create value with technology and how to get started on the journey.

Presented by Anja Allen, Partner, Ernst and Young LLP

4:30pm ETSponsor Showcase

Learn more about Thavron's services and how they can be your ITFM and TBM guide.

Schedule - Thursday, June 18th

10:30am ETITFM & TBM Maturity Assessment & Roadmap Workshop

How do you grow an ITFM or TBM program to full maturity? This session explains the entire process, while offering in-depth discussion on what to expect along the way -- including requirements and dependencies, estimated time commitment, and expected benefits for each phase of the journey. This hands-on session will guide attendees in creating a detailed, outcome-driven roadmap to reach their ITFM or TBM maturity goals with clear action items, key milestones, potential challenges, and more. Regardless of where your ITFM or TBM program stands today, you’ll leave this session with concrete insight to keep it moving forward.

Presented by Charlie McVeigh, Nicus

10:30am ETService Costing: You are more ready than you think

Worried that you are not mature enough to start service costing? This workshop will help you to understand the sources needed for cost modeling and know how to evaluate the data’s maturity and applicability for your needs. You will be provided guidelines for evaluating data at each stage of your journey. Data not perfect? No worries we will cover best practice data proxies and modeling rules as well. Take home a Data Maturity Tracking Spreadsheet for use in your organization.

Presented by Charlie Creasy, Thavron Solutions

12:30pm ETAsk Me Anything About Benchmarking

Roundtable led by Charlie McVeigh...capacity is 20, so save your seat!

12:30pm ETReporting & Analytics

Roundtable led by Lauren Fulton...capacity is 20, so save your seat!

1:00pm ETIT Financial Management (ITFM) for Product-Centric Delivery

As IT organizations have adopted product-centric delivery for software development leveraging agile methods financial management processes remain based in the waterfall approach. New ITFM methods are required to appropriately track software development costs and address SOP 98 issues around the capitalization of these software assets. CIOs and IT leaders must work with IT finance teams to resolve the financial challenges of the iterative outcome-focused development process. This session explores the issues product-centric delivery creates, and it proposes potential solutions and methods to allow for accurate costing of software development.

Presented by Chris Dedera and Anja Allen, Ernst and Young LLP

1:00pm ETTBM Sustainability

It takes care and feeding to keep TBM alive and to drive true value. Learn how to continue to evolve TBM capabilities without losing momentum.

Presented by Rhet Mitchell, Infosys

2:00pm ETCost Optimization for IT

As technology demand continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, how do companies efficiently use their budget to effectively reduce spending and redirect funds to grow the business. This workshop will address common IT cost optimization challenges and considerations, as well as how to develop an agile approach to execute your plan.

Presented by Scott Rhule, EY

3:00pm ETService Value Metrics: What should we be measuring to understand real value to the organization?

Without understanding the real value of the services that IT provides, it becomes impossible to correctly prioritize investments the business is making in the form of the IT Budget. We will discuss the ways in which value of services can be measured, and how that measurement impacts strategic decisions in the business.

Presented by Nan Braun, Thavron Solutions

4:00pm ETSponsor Showcase

Dynamic ITFM Solution Tailored to Stakeholders’ Needs and Enabling Action in Nicus 6.0

It’s time for an ITFM solution that empowers flexible interaction with data - that is intuitive, real-time, that fits you -- YOUR way and in YOUR time. Nicus 6.0 puts control in the hands of stakeholders and users that need it most, providing answers to the questions needed to drive business outcomes. Most importantly, Nicus 6.0 delivers insights and data tailored to every stakeholder, encouraging high adoption, seamless communication, and the ability to take action. This is the next generation of ITFM.

Presented by Rob Mischianti, Nicus



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